2016 Grand Prix Rules

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  1. Wondering how to earn Grand Prix points? Why do you need them? Link through to learn how it all works.​

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    When a laser radial races in a grand prix event with the same start as full rigs, can the radial be awarded grand prix points if there are fewer than 7 radials racing? If, for example, a radial beats full rigs (even though at an obvious disadvantage due to sail size), it seems wrong that the radial gets no points and full rigs that it beats are awarded points. It would be nice for there to be 7 radials at the regatta, but the sailor cannot control that. Could the radial be awarded points based on its finish among the full rigs, e.g., finishing in 8th place out of 20 total boats and not 1st place out of 5 radials?

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