Dual/Double Decker Sunfish Sailboat Trailer

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    Please see craigslist ad with pictures @ http://appleton.craigslist.org/boa/818058225.html .

    For sale is a double decker sailboat trailer. This trailer features a custom built aluminum top deck for dual transport of small sailboats or other watercraft. Aluminum work consists of 2 and 3 square inch tubular frames. The width of the bottom deck limits hull widths equal to or less than 51 inches. A Sunfish sailboat fits on the lower deck, but a Laser would not. The upper deck is not limited by hull width and therefore can be easily used for a Laser or Butterfly.

    Trailer has seen minimal use. Highway mileage is less than 150 miles. A matching winch is included but not pictured. Top deck is removable, heavy but removable. Trailer could be further customized for other watercraft and/or related equipment. A 2 inch ball is required for hitch mount.

    -height of top bunk = 48 inches
    -overall height = 60 inches
    -overall width = 65 inches
    -overall length = 14 feet

    Cash only please! First $800 buys it.

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