Sunfish Fleet For Sale (12 boats 1975 - 2002)

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    Columbia Sailing Club's fleet of 12 Sunfish are for sale. The boats include 8 new style centerboards & 5 new style rudders. The remaining centerboards and rudders are wooden. All rudder hardware is the new style. Spars and sails are in good condition. The boats have been used in CSC two-week summer program for many years with the spars, sails, rudders and centerboards all being stored inside. See photo link below.
    • 10566 (Unknown) $500
    • AMF10828M74B (1974) $1,000
    • AMF13814L485 (1985) $1,250
    • AMF84059M80G (1980) $1,000
    • No Serial # (Unknown)$500
    • PSB24361H990 (1990)$1,500
    • AMF33541M75K (1975) $1,000
    • AMF95212M81K (1981)$1,250
    • AMF46156M76L (1976)$1,000
    • OQT372291202 (2002) $2,000
    • AMF83974M80F (1980) $1,250
    • AMF84508M80G (1980) $1,000
    • 5 Seitech Dollies For Sale: $250 each
    • 1 Brand New Large Tire Dynamic Dolly( Great for beach launching): $500
    Photo Link:
    More photos of the hulls will be added this week.

    Boats and gear are located in Columbia SC.
    For more information, please contact
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    Hmm, looks like a good opportunity for someone in "The Palmetto" (or neighboring states) to pick up a Sunfish... provided the boats and other equipment aren't totally thrashed, LOL. I miss my little 12' Minifish, smaller cousin to the Sunfish, and the same boat that sailed the length of the Salton Sea... I sold her a few months ago to a family man down by Roosevelt Lake, as a double-nickel dinosaur I'm gettin' to the age where cartopping is too much trouble. You Sunfish fans over near Columbia, SC, this looks like your chance to score a used Fish for a decent price. I liked the Minifish better because the deck plan was similar to a Laser, but the Sunfish is alright, one can have a lot of fun aboard that boat. Hey, OP, are you any relation to Lee Van Cleef??? One of my favorite Western actors, he was great in "THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY"---a Sergio Leone classic with a score written by Ennio Morricone, the MAN when it comes to Spaghetti Western music, LOL. :cool:
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    This is what I mean when I say Ennio Morricone was the man:

    Dude RIPPED on the music scene, no doubt about it... :eek:

    Edit: Volume wasn't high enough on that last one, here's a bonus video with Ennio's music in the background, LOL:

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    Wait, this video was pretty good too, LOL... you nautical gunslingers/slash/Sunfish sailors out there in cyberspace take heed, and snap up the best deals while ya can on these Fish in Columbia, SC... :rolleyes:

    Alright, I'm done threadjacking Mr. Van Cleef's post, LOL... :confused:

    I'm still kinda hopin' that he's somehow related to bad boy Lee Van Cleef, LOL... :eek:

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