Sunfish reconditioned rudders, tillers and dagger boards for sale

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    I have several Sunfish rudders, rudder/tiller assemblies, rudder blades and dagger boards for sale. All are original factory issued (with one exception) mahogany blades and white ash tillers. They have been fully reconditioned, sanded down to bare wood and refinished with three or four coats of Interlux Compass Clear premium marine varnish. Match the letters on the attached photos with descriptions below:

    New Style (post-1972) Rudder Assemblies

    “A” Handcrafted (by me) mahogany rudder blade from a blank of vintage Philippine mahogany. Tiller attachment reinforced with two stainless steel screws to deter cracking. Desirable cast aluminum rudder head with stainless steel pop-up side springs. White ash tiller handle and extension Note: This rudder is not class legal for racing in

    Sunfish Class sanctioned regattas but the hydrodynamic shape is better than factory issue. Ready to sail: $195 + shipping

    “B” Class legal for racing rudder assembly. Mahogany blade; ash tiller and extension. Original factory issue shape unaltered, but refinished with 4 coats of new varnish. $215 + shipping.

    “C” Race grade mahogany rudder blade. Original factory issued shape; Class legal for racing. Spray-painted white to make it easier to spot weeds and wet sanded to a smooth racing finish. Blade only – no hardware but fits any post-1972 rudder assembly hardware with the side spring rudder pop-up rig: $70 + shipping.

    Old Style, (pre-1972) rudder blades with rudder head hardware.

    “X” Standard factory issue mahogany rudder blade with bronze attachment hardware. Class, original “spoon” shape blade. Hardware burnished to better than new condition. $125 + shipping.

    “Y” Hybrid rudder (circa 1971) with modern spade shaped mahogany blade and solid bronze rudder gudgeon that deters cracking at the tiller attachment hole. New, never used, blade with original factory finish and new, never used solid rudder gudgeon. Your current tiller will fit this rudder and it will attach any pre-1972 bronze hull hardware but you get the performance benefit of the new blade style shape without the $500 retrofit. $185 + shipping

    “T” - Home made mahogany with tiller handle with extension that will fit either of the two rudders above. Refinished and ready to sail. $25 + shipping or $15 + shipping if you buy rudder “A” or “B” above.

    Dagger boards.

    “A” Original spoon shaped mahogany dagger board. Refinished with four coats of new varnish. Spring plate cleaned and burnished. $80 + shipping.

    “B” Same as “A”. $80 + shipping.

    Interested? Questions? Contact me at:

    Alan Glos

    Cazenovia, NY

    (315) 655-8296

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    Update: Dagger boards "A" and "B" have sold, and I may have a sale pending on one of the new style rudder assemblies, so don't wait too long...

    Alan Glos

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