Omega 14 shroud, forestay and halyards

Discussion in 'Capri/Catalina 14 Talk' started by Mark A, Dec 25, 2017.

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    I have become the latest owner of an omega that has sat in the backyard of the previous owner for 17 years without getting in the water. It seems to be in decent shape, missing a few pieces of hardware that can be replaced. The boat was first sold in 1975.

    I want to get the wire stays and halyards replaced to be safe. Can anyone tell what size and type wire they should be? They all appear to measure 3/32 inch diameter, but I can't be certain. The shrouds have a white coating. Is that really necessary?

    Also the main and jib halyards seem a little more flexible than the forestay and shrouds. I can't seem to find the specs for these anywhere online. Any info is most appreciated. Thanks

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    Can’t address wire size except bigger is better. Just make sure if you have a hank on jib that the Hanks?? fit on the new wire. Take the sail to West Marine and try fitting on their wire. Also at most WM you can make your own wire stays right there. Bring your old for measurements.
    As to the white coating, that’s a no no. You can’t see what is happening under the coating. Most large sailboats these days don’t even use the white plastic coats on the safety lines alone the sides of the boat. Again you can’t see the deterioration under so don’t use.
    Good luck and happy sailing

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